Summertime Showing Checklist - METRO MLS Blog

From cold, bitter winters to hot, sweltering summers, Midwesterners have experienced it all! We know the weather is unpredictable, and it is best to be prepared. But what about being prepared for hot summers as a showing agent? When out in the field, the safety of you and your potential buyers is of the utmost importance. Here are a few recommendations to help you navigate summertime showing appointments in the Milwaukee metro area.

Keep It Cool

Lighting is important when showing a home, but opening all the blinds can raise the inside temperature quickly. Therefore, leave the blinds drawn when not actively showing the home. This is an energy and money saver as well!

No central A/C? Turning on all available ceiling fans in the home will help increase airflow, keeping your clients comfortable. Consider the best timing to show a property with no A/C. Is early in the morning available to your client?

Stay Hydrated 

Provide a refreshing beverage for your potential buyers. A simple cold water bottle could make a huge difference in their experience inside the home.

Don’t forget about yourself! Showing days can be long, and the heat can quickly drain your energy. Make sure to drink plenty of water, eat lightly and dress accordingly.

Vacant Homes

With unoccupied properties, there are a few items to consider. Just like people, wildlife wants to be cool, dry and safe. An unoccupied property is a good place for critters to avoid the heat. Keep your eyes open!

Lastly, when showing a vacant house, please be sure to follow the showing instructions. If the home is vacant, is the electricity on? This may impact the amount of time you spend inside the property. Did the listing agent request the A/C to be set to a specific temperature? Should the blinds be open or closed? Must the lights be turned off before leaving?


Showing a home with a lockbox on the property? Proceed with caution! Lockboxes in direct sunlight can get hot. If placing the lockbox out of direct sunlight is not an option, consider bringing an oven mitt to help safely open it. It may sound silly, but your hands will thank you!

Taking the time now to prepare for the upcoming hot days is essential, and we hope these tips help you with that process. Remember, the heat won’t be here forever, so albeit sometimes uncomfortable, cherish these moments, as winter is right around the corner.