Editing & Deleting Map Shapes - METRO MLS Blog

Have you ever made a sloppy shape or found that the shape you created is just not right for your Flexmls map searching needs? This article can help you! Let’s discuss how to edit map shapes and delete the ones that are no longer needed.

You have access to three shapes: circle, rectangle, and polygon.

For example, here I tried to draw the zip code 53150 and my polygon shape doesn’t quite match the shape of the zip code. How do I fix this?

polygon shape drawn around zip code 53150

Editing a Map Shape

If there is a shape that needs editing, click anywhere within the shape on the map. A pop-up will appear, then click edit. Here you can change the shape’s color or edit the shape.

To edit the shape, select Edit Shape. Once selected, the shape will display gold bubbles along the perimeter. Here you can edit the existing shape by clicking on the gold bubbles and moving them to the desired area. Once your shape has been reconfigured, select Leave Edit Shape Mode at the bottom right.

To keep your adjustments, you will need to save the search by clicking Save at the top right. Here you will see New or Existing. If it is a new shape, name the search and click SAVE at the bottom right. If you are modifying an existing shape, select the shape name and click save at the bottom right. A green pop-up will confirm that the save is complete.

To Delete Map Shapes

If you are no longer in need of a shape or want to draw a different shape type, click anywhere within the shape on the Flexmls map. Lastly, click Remove.

remove a shape screenshot

Remember, when using map shapes, practice makes perfect!