Using Reverse Prospecting as a Buyer's Agent - METRO MLS Blog

Reverse prospecting is a tool to help listing agents find buyers’ agents whose clients might be interested in their listings.

As a buyer’s agent, if you enable reverse prospecting for a client, listing agents who run reverse prospecting on their listings can reach out to you when the system determines their listing is a good match for your buyer’s search.

For reverse prospecting to work, both parties in the transaction must opt-in to the feature in Flexmls. 

To enable reverse prospecting, you need to select General Preferences in the Flexmls menu. 

General Preferences in Flexmls Menu

On the General Preferences page, click Contacts and make sure Yes is selected under Enable Reverse Prospecting by default. Click Save at the bottom of the page once you enable reverse prospecting.

Enable Yes Under General Preferences

To enable the function on an existing contact, you need to go to the Contact Details screen inside Contact Management. Once you are on the Contact Management page, click on your desired contact. While on the Contact Details page, click Edit Contact.

On the Edit Contact page, click the Reverse Prospecting box. Click Save Changes once you finish enabling reverse prospecting.

Enable Reverse Prospecting for a Contact UPDATED

Once you enable this function, a listing agent can contact you when their listing matches your client’s search criteria.

If you enable reverse prospecting, Flexmls does not send your client’s information to other agents. It only allows your information as the buyer’s agent to appear in reverse prospecting searches by listing agents.