Using Reverse Prospecting as a Listing Agent - METRO MLS Blog

Reverse prospecting allows a listing agent to market its listings to buyers’ agents. It provides an opportunity for the listing agent to connect the right property with the right buyer.

To run reverse prospecting as a listing agent, you need to select Reverse Prospecting in the Flexmls menu.

Reverse Prospecting Flexmls Menu

A list of your active listings will appear. Select your desired listings and then click Run reverse prospecting in the top right corner.

Reverse Prospecting Select Listings

The function takes the listing agent’s listing and looks through the saved searches in Flexmls to see if it matches any searches attached to a contact in Contact Management. 

For reverse prospecting to work, both parties in the transaction must opt-in to the feature in Flexmls. 

Once Flexmls finds matches, the results will only consist of the contact information of MLS agents that set up the searches. The results won’t include the names of the potential buyers.