Utilizing the Monsoon Drawing Tool - METRO MLS Blog

The Monsoon Tax System by Markt is a modern resource that allows you to find tax records and comparable properties efficiently.

One way to find these properties is by using the map during your search. One map feature you can use is the drawing tool, which allows you to search specific geographic areas. 

The polygon tool is the best drawing tool for searching a specific area. It allows you to draw the exact boundaries you want to map.

To access Monsoon, first, go to Flexmls and click on Monsoon in the top menu bar. If it isn’t in the favorites menu, you can find Monsoon under the Menu area below the Flexmls logo.

Screenshot of the Flexmls menu button

Once you are on the Monsoon page, select Tax Search or MLS Search. After selecting one of the options, you will see the Monsoon map with the polygon tool in the top left corner. Scroll in on the map to the desired area or neighborhood you want to search, and then click the polygon tool button. 

Polygon Tool Button in Monsoon

When you use the polygon tool, each time you click, you can change directions. Once the shape is complete, double click. Then, click Search to view all the properties in that area.

Shape and View Results Monsoon WI

If you want to cut down on the search results so the properties meet specific parameters, you need to fill out the county and municipality sections. Then click Save Selections and additional search parameters will appear. Fill out any of the search fields you would like and then click Search to view your results.

Save Selections Monsoon WI Update Screenshot

Search Parameters Monsoon Update Screenshot