Using the Radius Search in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Does your client want to live within a certain distance from work? The quickest and most effective way to search for properties within a certain distance is by using the radius search in Flexmls.

To use the radius search, click on Quick Search in the Flexmls menu.

Quick Search Flexmls Metro MLS

Once you are on the search screen, click the red pin on the right of the map. Then, enter your address and click Locate. When entering the address, you do not need to include the ZIP code if you don’t know it.

Address Flexmls Metro MLS

Once the pin is set on your desired location, click Radius Search and enter the total miles you want to search from the address. Click Create Radius.

Radius Search Flexmls Metro MLS

Create Radius Flexmls Metro MLS

After you create your radius, all the listings within the radius will appear. You can add additional criteria in the search fields to narrow down the listings to meet your buyer’s requirements. 

Results Radius Search Flexmls Metro MLS