Three Things You Didn’t Know Live on - METRO MLS Blog

If you haven’t spent time on, consider this your invitation to explore! Our website has a plethora of information on Flexmls topics, important rules and general resources to support you in your everyday business. Before you start your deep dive, here are three things you didn’t know live on

Fix My Mistake

Did you make a mistake within your listing and catch it before we did? Visit the Data Integrity page to self-report a violation using the Fix My Mistake feature. This tool allows you to address and report any errors in your data, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your listings.

fix my mistake page screenshot

Live Support

Do you know that you can reach out to Metro Support through live chat? In addition to calling or emailing, you have the convenient option of utilizing the chat feature. Support is available six days a week (excluding major holidays) to assist you with any questions or concerns.

live chat with support screenshot

New Member Resource Page

Even if you are not a new member, we recommend taking time to review the New Member Resource page. This page serves as a valuable resource to get the most out of your Metro MLS membership. Resources include information on adding a listing, ensuring rule compliance, subscribing to the blog, accessing training materials, obtaining forms, gathering required documents and exploring available classes. In essence, it offers a condensed version of our website’s offerings!

vector teacher and student

After you take a look at these three specific places of interest on, feel free to leave us a comment on Facebook if there is something you found that you would like to share. Have fun exploring and making the most out of your Metro MLS membership!