Benefits of Registering as a Team - METRO MLS Blog

Are you part of a real estate team? Metro MLS has the Teams program available to those who consider themselves a team. The Teams program allows real estate teams to work efficiently and effectively in Flexmls.

3 Benefits of Registering as a Team

1. Shared production under the Team name. You can see sales data for your entire Team by viewing the Production Report, which allows you to run a report based on a specified time and property type for yourself or your Team.

2. Adjust listing information on Team listings, including photos, documents and the price. You can make these changes under your individual Flexmls account by selecting Team Listings under Search in the Flexmls Menu.

Team Listings Flexmls Menu Option

3. Team Listing Contact. Team listings are listed under the Team name, but you can add a Team Listing Contact. This free-form field consists of up to 50 characters, allowing you to enter a name, phone number and email address.

Team Listing Contact Field

Team Listing Contact Displayed

Learn more about the Metro MLS Teams Program benefits via our Teams info page. You can apply to be a Team or adjust your current Team by filling out the form and emailing it to