Changing Photo Order When Adding a Listing - METRO MLS Blog

You’ve entered the listing data and added several photos with image descriptions in FlexMLS; good for you! Now, how do you organize them? There are two ways to change the photo order for your listings in Flexmls.

Navigate to the Photo Screen

  • Navigate to Add/Change in you Flexmls Menu.
  • Go to Incomplete and select the incomplete listing you would like to edit.
  • Click Edit. Under the Media section, click on Photos. If you already added photos, Flexmls will have automatically numbered them.

Changing Photo Order

Each photo is ordered numerically (top left). You can use the drop-down next to each number to change where the photo appears in the order. Example: Photo 1 can be moved to the Photo 3 position and visa versa.

3 house photos highlighting numbered order

Alternatively, you can manually move photos to a new position by hovering over the top section of the photo and dragging it to the desired location. After all the photos are in the correct order, click Return to edit your listing (top left) to continue editing your listing, if needed.

Helpful Reminders

  • Choose a primary photo (the exterior of the residential property is preferred).
  • There needs to be at least one exterior photo for residential listings.
  • The exterior photo needs to remain even if the listing is no longer active  Rule 1.2
  • You can change and re-order photos even after the listing is active.
  • Personal, business or office/company franchise branding of any kind is not permitted on photos in MLS.
  • Photos that contain virtual staging must disclose the existence of the virtual staging in Public Remarks.
  • You cannot copy any photos from other brokerages without permission first.
  • Once a property is SOLD, only the main photo (exterior photo is preferred) remains on third party websites. If interior photos are appearing on a third party website, email to remove.

Changing the photo order when adding a listing is easy and can help to make your listing stand out. Please contact Support if you have questions.