Create a Custom View to Quickly Scan Listing Results - METRO MLS Blog

Flexmls helps you save time from sifting through countless detail reports by providing a feature called Views, allowing you to quickly scan multiple properties for specific information.

The List tab of a search showing results in a custom View

Customizing Your Views

Within the List tab of a search, there are several Views with pre-determined columns chosen. You can customize which columns of information are displayed by clicking the word View next to the drop-down list in the upper right.

Name your custom View and choose which fields you want to display as separate columns in your listing results. Additionally, you can rearrange the fields to your preference and even rename them for better reference.

Selected Fields within a Custom List View

Take further control by choosing a specific sorting method that suits your needs.

Once finished, you can resize the columns to view as much data as you need while viewing listings results.