Customize Listing Results Using the Office/Member Search - METRO MLS Blog

Do you know you can change the default settings when viewing someone’s listings in Flexmls?

Start by visiting the main Menu to select either the Office/Member or the Member Lookup option. Next, select Listing Content Options in the upper right corner.

Transaction Role

You can choose if you want to see if this Member, Team or Office was on the listing or selling side of the transaction.

Screenshot of the Transaction Role options in Listing Content Options


Select all the listing statuses you want included when you view listings of a member, team or office.
Screenshot of the Status options in Listing Content Options

Off-Market Dates

You can choose the date range that is considered when searching for off-market listings like Sold, Expired and Withdrawn. You can choose a relative date range that will continually change as time passes or a specific date range to view off-market listings from.

Screenshot of the Off-Market Dates options in Listing Content Options

Now, whenever you look up a member, team, or office in the Quick Launch Bar, Office/Member page or Member Lookup page, you will find all the listings that meet your searching needs.

You also have the option to search for member, team or office listings in a Quick Search where you can filter by additional criteria.