How to Search for Specific Member or Office Listings in Quick Search - METRO MLS Blog

Flexmls® makes it easy to view past and present listings from a specific member or office in Quick Search. By searching for listings from a particular member or office in Quick Search, you can tailor your search to your desired listing preferences to net more precise results.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to search for listings from a specific member or office in Quick Search.

Searching For Listings From A Specific Member or Office

First, start by visiting and clicking on Flexmls in the top left corner of the website under the “M” logo.

Once you are on the Flexmls® website, click on Quick Search. If Quick Search isn’t in your top menu bar, click on Menu and you will find Quick Search under the Search subheading.

Fill out all the necessary search preferences for your desired search once you are on the Quick Search screen. You can leave everything blank if you want.

Once you have all your desired search fields filled out, scroll down to Add a Field. Click it, and then type Member into Find a field.

Add a Field Screenshot

You will have four options to choose from: Listing/Selling Association, Listing/Selling Company, Listing/Selling Member, Listing/Selling Office. Select your desired search category.

Next, type in the member name or office you are looking for in the “Name” field. Then click “Find.” Numerous results may appear in the “Members” box. Select the correct member name or office for the listings you are seeking. You have the option to search numerous members or offices at one time.

*The below screenshot is for the Listing/Selling Member search. If you would like to search Listing/Selling Office, make sure to selection that option in the previous step.

We have numerous videos available for members on Flexmls® and Quick Search in our on-demand video library. You also can call Support at 414-778-5400, ext. 1. We are here to help.