Disabling Prevent Cross-Site Tracking on Safari - METRO MLS Blog

Can you not access WIREdata while using Safari on an Apple product? 

If you are experiencing issues accessing any third-party websites, you will need to disable Prevent cross-site tracking

Desktop (Mac)

On a desktop (Mac), you can do this by clicking on Safari in the top left corner of the screen. Then click on Preferences.

Safari Preferences Screen

In the pop-up window, click Privacy. You will see a check box labeled Prevent cross-site tracking. Click on the box to disable it, as you want an unchecked box. 

Cross-Site Tracking Picture

Mobile (iPhone)

On your iPhone, click on the Settings app. Then, scroll down and find Safari. Click on Safari. On the Safari screen, go to the Privacy & Security section. Make sure to turn off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking so the toggle switch is gray.