Do You Know What the Monsoon Map Can Do? - METRO MLS Blog

If you haven’t been using the Monsoon Tax System’s map feature, you might be surprised by all it can do.

When viewing a Monsoon tax report, you will see a map to the left of the property information section with the property’s location outlined in orange. But have you ever wondered what other information the map provides? Below is a guide on how to use the map tool in Monsoon.

Monsoon is accessible in Flexmls® in conjunction with our WIREdata Tax Information System. Monsoon offers features integrated with Wisconsin real estate property data, including mapping abilities, interactive overlays, comp tools, and more. You also can cross-reference listings and tax data while having access to loan history and demographic information.

Breakdown of the Monsoon Map Tool

Monsoon Map

Parcel Dimensions

Automatically zooms in the map on the property and displays details of the lot size.

Download Map

Click to download the map if you want to print it out or save it for future reference.

Map Tools

There are three tool icons directly under Parcel Dimensions.

The “Pan Map” tool looks like a hand and allows you to click and drag the map to different locations.

The “Draw a Shape” tool allows you to get the area and perimeter of a section of the map by tracing its shape.

The “Draw a Line” tool measures the distance between points on the map. For both shape tools, click once to begin drawing and click again each time you want to change direction.

To disable drawing and return to the regular map function, click on the Pan Map icon. To remove the shapes, click on Remove Shapes at the top.

Map Size

This allows you to choose from small, large or full-screen view of the map.

Map Options

This allows you to change the map (street, terrain and satellite), add overlays, remove or add legends to your view, highlight lot lines in yellow, and lock the map for easier viewing on mobile. Overlay options can vary regionally. The Flood Zone overlay is displayed below.

Status Legend

The Monsoon map provides the most current MLS listing status information for surrounding properties, marked by colored flags. The legend explains the color codes and controls the listing statuses that appear by checking off the boxes. It also includes a filter for sold history (three months, six months or one year). You can turn the legend view on and off in Map Options.

Are you ready to go to the next level with the Monsoon map? When performing a search, choose the Map view for your results. Use the drawing tools at the top right of the screen to focus on a specific geographic area and fine-tune your results.

If you have questions about Monsoon, feel free to reach out, and we will assist you. Please call Metro MLS at 414-778-5400 and PRESS 6 for Monsoon Support.