Register for the Teams Program in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Metro MLS has made it easier for two or more licensed agents to work together at the same brokerage.

For those who consider themselves to be a team, Metro MLS has the Teams program available. Signing up for the Teams program allows team members to access all the team’s listings while each member still uses their personal login credentials in Flexmls®. All team member statistics and production are combined under the Team.

Joining a Team eliminates the sharing of usernames and passwords, which is not allowed under MLS policy and is a huge security issue in general.

The Teams program allows members to help facilitate better functionality for a team, regardless of their makeup. Your Team could consist of two agents or many agents working together to help buyers and sellers.

Access the application and more information for the Team program at

Sign Up An Assistant

Administrative personnel, personal assistants and secretaries have access to Flexmls®.

Metro MLS allows such personnel to access the MLS to perform their dues for participants and the participant’s subscribers. Assistants can work for an individual agent, a Team, all office members or several offices within a company.

Support staff can access listings and ShowingTime while using their personal login credentials in Flexmls®. They also have access to the other services provided by the MLS.

Access the application and more information for the Assistant Program at