Editing a Saved Flexmls Search - METRO MLS Blog

It’s common for homebuyers to change their search parameters throughout the buying process. You can easily edit a saved search in Flexmls to match your client’s needs. But before you make any changes, here are a few nuances to keep in mind.

How to Edit a Saved Search

Once you are on Flexmls, click on Menu in the top left corner. In the search bar, search for Saved Search. Click on Saved Search.

Menu-Saved Search

You will be on the Saved Searches screen. Click on the desired search you want to edit. It will take you to the available listings that meet the current search criteria.

In the top right, click on Edit Search. You can now adjust the search parameters. Once you are done editing your search, click Save and then Save Search. On the next screen, you can choose to save as a new or existing search.

Edit Saved Search

What to Name Your Search?

If you set up your client on a subscription and/or portal, they will see the name of the saved search. We recommend you name the saved search something user-friendly that makes sense for you and your client.

What to do After You Edit a Saved Search?

After you edit and save an existing search, click on the List to view the results. Select the new listings that meet your client’s new parameters and click the Email button to send the listings to your client. This is an important step, especially if you have a subscription set up for your client.

Saving a Search Saves the Criteria, Not the Listings Themselves

The total listings amount in a saved search will change as listings within the criteria change status and/or price. To save individual listings, select the desired listing, click Save and then click Save Selected As. The listings will be saved as a Listing Collection.