How to Embed RapidStats Live Charts - METRO MLS Blog

The RapidStats Live My Charts feature allows brokers to create custom-built charts that can be embedded into their website.

After you create a chart in My Charts, you will have the option to embed your chart on your website or download an image or PDF version of the chart. This allows you to use these informative and visually appealing charts as a marketing tool on your website.

First, click on My Charts on the main menu section to access your saved charts. You will see the charts you’ve already created and also have the option to create a new chart. 

Find the chart you want to embed on your website. Click Export to the right of the chart name. Then click Embed Chart to My Website.

RapidStats Live Embed Chart 1

You can embed the chart by using iFrame or Javascript HTML. Copy the HTML code in yellow. Contact your website developer if you are unsure of which HTML code to use. 

RapidStats Live Embed Chart 2

Brokers can learn more about RapidStats Live, including how to create a custom chart, by taking Metro MLS’s self-paced RapidStats Live online course