Flexmls Portal Preferences Explained - METRO MLS Blog

Did you know you can customize your Portal to better collaborate with clients? The Portal Preferences page has several options to choose from to optimize your client’s experience.

If using the classic portal, these preferences will vary. To learn the difference watch our online course on Subscriptions and Portals.

Start by visiting the Menu and selecting Portal Preferences. Before you make any changes, keep in mind that these settings affect all your client’s Portals. Once you make a change, click Save at the bottom. Any changes made will reflect on your client’s side the next time they log in.

Screenshot of all options in Portal Preferences

Let’s check out some of the main options in Portal Preferences.


This section provides a brief introduction video to the Flexmls Portal. Metro MLS also provides a Subscriptions and Portals in Flexmls online class that dives deeper into creating and using Portals.

My Listings

Having My Listings activated will showcase your current active listings on the home page of all your client’s Portals, regardless of whether or not they meet their search criteria.

IDX Lead Generation

This section contains an overview of the Flexmls IDX product provided by FBS. You can subscribe to this and integrate it into your Portal to generate leads.

Intro Email

Flexmls provides a pre-made invitation email message when your clients first sign up to the Portal. This section allows you to change the default invitation email for any new clients.

News Feed

The News Feed contains a history of all previous Subscription emails sent to your client. You can choose to eliminate certain statuses from showing in the News Feed if they no longer meet their current search criteria.

Screenshot of News Feed section in Portal Preferences

Default Subscription Settings

Here you can choose which listing changes will cause a Subscription email to be sent to your client.

Listing Content Options

Most listing details appear for your client by default. However, there is additional information you can choose to display for your clients as well.

Screenshot of Listing Content Options in Portal Preferences

Emailed Listing Links

This section lets you choose where your clients are going to land once they view listings in a Subscription email.

Screenshot of the Emailed Listing Links options in Portal Preferences

Make sure to save any changes once you’re done. You can also check out the Subscriptions and Portals in Flexmls online class to learn more about creating and using Portals.