Member Listing Updates - METRO MLS Blog

Have you ever wanted to stay updated about listings in a specific area? You can be notified weekly or monthly on listings that were recently sold in your neighborhood or within your office. See the steps below to save an Agent Only Subscription for listings to be emailed directly to you based off any search criteria.

Start by creating a Quick Search with your desired filters. Next, save the Search just as you would do for a client. Remember, doing this saves the criteria of your search, not the list of current search results.

Next, visit the main Menu and select Subscriptions. Go to the Agent Only section to manage the automatic emails for yourself. Click Add New Subscription to select the Search you just saved and click OK.

Screenshot of a new Subscription from the Subscriptions page

Name your Subscription, then select only the checkbox You (Sender) for notifications to be sent to your inbox.

Screenshot of Subscription settings with "You (Sender)" outlined in blue

Finally, choose the Schedule of how often you want to receive the email updates and click Save to create the Subscription. As a Metro MLS member, you will automatically receive the private version of the listing details.