Help Icons and Indicators When Adding a Listing - METRO MLS Blog

When adding a new listing to Flexmls, it is crucial to provide accurate and complete information about the property. Throughout the process, you’ll see different help icons and indicators to help you along the way.

Question and Information Bubbles

Question bubbleThe red question bubble provides additional information about what the field means or what needs to be included.

Screenshot of the additional text displayed in the Street Suffix Question Bubble

Information bubbleThe yellow “i” bubble provides system limitations and restrictions. For example, the Bathroom fields restrict you from entering decimals into the field.

Screenshot displaying the additional text when hovering over the info bubble on Full Baths Main

Required Fields

For a listing to be complete, all required fields must have a value added or selected. In the Address and Main Fields tab, the required fields are indicated by red text and an asterisk.

Screenshot of required fields in the Main Fields tab

Within the Detail tab, some required fields are entire sections where you must select at least one item within the section.

Screenshot of a required field in the Details tab

The Rooms tab is required for Single Family, Condominium and Residential Rental property types. The Living/Great Room, Kitchen and Master Bedroom fields contain a red asterisk indicating they are required fields.

Screenshot of a required field in the Rooms tab.

Although optional fields are not mandatory, it’s a good idea to remember that more is more when adding a listing, so it is recommended that you fill them out if possible. They provide additional details that can appeal to potential buyers. Optional fields are indicated with black text.

Show All Fields, Required Fields or Empty Required Fields

You can also double check your work once finished. In the upper right corner of your incomplete listing, you can choose to show All Fields, only the Required Fields or just the Empty Required Fields that must be completed before adding the listing. This can help you determine if you still have fields that need information before the listing can be added.

Screenshot displaying the drop-down options for showing all fields, required fields, or empty required fields.