How to Customize Your Flexmls Dashboard - METRO MLS Blog

Did you know you can customize your Flexmls dashboard? You can modify your dashboard by selecting from a list of preassembled options or by creating your own.

Preassembled Dashboards

You can select a preassembled dashboard option by clicking on the drop-down under Menu. You have three preassembled options. The different dashboards feature slightly different gadgets and information. 

Customize Your Dashboard

If you don’t like the preassembled dashboard options, you can build your own dashboard. Click the Customize drop-down menu on the right side of the screen. Click Add below Dashboards. You will see at the top of the page a box that says, “Blank.” This section will allow you to create a customized dashboard. Once you name your new customized dashboard and click Create Dashboard, you will be on a page containing all the gadget options separated by category. We suggest you select the ALL option at the bottom of the list. This will allow you to see all the available gadget options.

Once you select all the gadgets you want on your dashboard, click Return to Dashboard on the top right. All your gadgets will appear in one column. You can change the layout display under the Customize drop-down menu on the right.  Flexmls Change Dashboard Layout You can make a dashboard your default dashboard by selecting your desired dashboard in the left drop-down menu.  Then under the Customize drop-down menu on the right, you have the option to make it the default.