RapidStats Live Now Available to Brokers - METRO MLS Blog

RapidStats Live, an industry-leading interactive reporting and market analytics tool from Markt, is now available to brokers for free until Nov. 15. After the free trial, brokers can purchase a $45 three-month subscription to RapidStats Live.

Access RapidStats Live via the button below. You will be asked to enter your Flexmls login credentials and agree to the terms and conditions.


Learn how to utilize all of RapidStats Live’s features and benefits by taking an informative self-paced online course available only to brokers at MetroMLS.com.

RapidStats Live offers you incredible benefits, including the ability to customize and schedule reports. You also can view Agent Metrics reports, providing you data on the production, inventory and efficiency of all Metro MLS members. An Agent Production report is available, which allows you a rolling 24-month look at an agent’s MLS transactions.

Another unique benefit of RapidStats Live is the “My Charts” section. This feature allows you to build custom charts using a wide array of filters. Besides creating a chart with your desired data, you also can brand the chart with your contact information and company logo or headshot. You can save the chart as a PDF and photo while also having the option to embed the graph onto your website.

RapidStats uses data sourced directly from MLS data, giving brokers more accurate monthly data that better reflects the current market.

Below, Metro MLS answered questions regarding RapidStats Live and the benefits it will offer brokers moving forward.

–What is RapidStats Live?
RapidStats Live is an industry-leading interactive reporting and market analytics tool from Markt. It is a subscription-based product that is available to brokers. It gives brokers timely, accurate and comprehensive information to help you in your business and provide clients with powerful market insights.

–What does “Under Contract” mean in the RapidStats Live reports?
Under Contract is just another term for Pending and means the seller has an accepted offer and showings are no longer occurring. The property is in escrow, as both parties are working towards closing the deal. Days on Market do not accumulate when a listing is Under Contract or Pending.

–What is the difference between RapidStats Live and the RapidStats Monthly Market Reports?
RapidStats Live is a subscription-based interactive reporting and market analytics tool available for brokers. RapidStats Monthly Market Reports are static monthly market reports available and shared with the entire Metro MLS membership group as a free benefit. Metro MLS generates these reports in RapidStats Live.

–What is RapidStats?
RapidStats is the in-house reporting and market analytics tool offered by Markt. It provides members with informative reports that use data directly from the MLS and give you timely, accurate and comprehensive information. This allows you to have highly accurate reports and powerful market insight to help you in your day-to-day business.

–Why is RapidStats Live only available to brokers?
As Metro MLS rolls out RapidStats Live, brokers will have the first opportunity to subscribe to the interactive reporting and market analytics tool. In the future, there is a possibility that RapidStats Live will be available to all members.