How to Share Listings via Text Message in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Flexmls has made it easier to send listings to your clients. You can now share listings via text message. The new feature is available in Quick Search via the new Share button and on the Change Listing page.

Your clients will have to opt in before you start sharing listings. You can share listings of all statuses, besides Expired and Withdrawn listings.

Clients Opting In

Your clients must complete a one-time opt-in before you start sharing listings. The easiest way to send them the opt-in request is via the Contact Management page. This is where you can send the invitation to opt-in or to reinvite them if they have previously opted out. Make sure your client has a mobile phone number in Flexmls.

Your client will receive an email asking them to confirm they want to receive listings via text message. You will then receive an email notification of their opt-in status.

Text Contact Management Opt-In

Sharing Listings

Once your client has accepted the opt-in request, you can share listings with your clients in Quick Search by using the Share button and on the Change Listing page. 

In Quick Search, select the listings you want to share, click the Share button and then click Text. You will then have to select a contact and then click Text at the bottom of the Share Listing page.

Quick Search Share Button

You also can share listings via text message on the Change Listing page. On the Change Listing page, click on Share Listing and then click Text.

Change Listing Screen