Perfecting Your Radius Search: Excluding Listings - METRO MLS Blog

Did you know that in Flexmls you can use the radius search to exclude items within the circle? Previously, we learned how to complete a radius search and use the pushpin in Using the Radius Search in Flexmls. Let’s continue perfecting a radius search.

Example of Excluding Listings

Your client wants to live in South Milwaukee but not too close to the airport. To begin, go to Flexmls, then into Quick Search. Next, type in South Milwaukee’s zip code, 53172, under the zip codes field to get several listings in that area. Finally, draw a radius on the map. I chose two miles out from the General Mitchell International Airport.

screenshot of radius excluding the airport

To isolate the listings not by the airport, I must change my shape dialogue to “not within”. By doing this, I can still see the listings in 53172, just outside the two-mile radius I placed around the airport.

screenshot highlighting not within option of template

Using the “not within” function may help you and your clients save time when searching in Flexmls! Remember, just like the fields on the template side, shape searches can be saved or added to a collection.