Reporting a Listing Error in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Metro MLS prides itself on offering accurate real estate data. We review each listing to ensure the data is correct. We also allow members to report errors if they notice a mistake in Flexmls.

If you spot an error in a listing, click the Report Violation button above the listing details.

Report Violation Button In Flexmls

Then fill out the form to explain the listing error. Once you click Send, the report, which removes your name, is sent to the listing agent and Metro MLS. We will review the report and make corrections to the listing if necessary. 

Many error reports we receive turn out not to be a violation. It can be tricky to know whether or not someone broke a rule. We recommend you review our rules and procedures before reporting an error if you are unsure. 

Self-Report a Listing Error

If you notice an error in your own listing, you can edit the listing or self-report the error to Metro MLS to avoid a sanction. If you notify us of an error before sending a violation notice, we will help you correct that mistake without assessing a penalty.