Searching with And/Or/Not in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Adding and/or/not to your search terms in Flexmls will help you obtain the most specific results when searching for your client. These conjunctional words will have a big impact because of their different meanings. For example, your client may want a property with a Finished Basement and Full Basement, which is different than wanting a Full Basement or Finished Basement.

and or not for full basement finished basement

Be sure you tell Flexmls to find the right fields as well as the right conjunctions. You can cycle through OR to NOT to AND by clicking on the word to get the the desired conjunctional phrase.

There are many search fields you can add that contain the and/or/not function. Some examples are Misc. Interior, Documents on File and Water Features. You can add fields to your search or create a custom search template.

screenshot of add a field basement

Keep in mind that Flexmls will only show results for properties that exactly match the search terms you enter. If a property has a basement, the listing agent must check off that feature or it will not appear in the search results. Optional fields are often overlooked when listings are entered into Flexmls. Filter your searches with care!

Have fun fine-tuning your search! Learn even more helpful tips for searching in Flexmls by taking our online course.