Sending Feedback Requests in Aligned Showings - METRO MLS Blog

Interested in gathering feedback on a property showing? With Aligned Showings, you have the option to send either a default survey or your own personalized survey directly to the Buyers agent via message.

Setting up a Feedback Request

You can set up feedback requests to send automatically after a showing. To edit this setting, go to My Listing and select the listing you would like to allow feedback for. Click Edit listing setup, then Feedback Survey (#5).

First, let’s take a look at Allow Feedback. Should you prefer not to have Aligned Showings automatically send feedback queries after a showing, toggle the Allow Feedback option to No. If you would like Aligned Showings to send feedback surveys, toggle to Yes. Once finished, select Done and Exit Edit Mode.

Aligned Showings screens shot Feedback Survey Allow feedback

Show Feedback Analysis

Show feedback analysis allows feedback responses to be analyzed, indicating them as favorable or non-favorable. Machine learning will analyze the feedback and provide insights into comments, which allows you to view feedback more efficiently.

Custom Survey

If you want to use a custom survey, toggle Use MLS default feedback survey to No. This will allow you to select one of your already created feedback surveys, or will prompt you to make a new one.

screenshot Allow Feedback NO. MLS Survey

Creating a Custom Survey

To create a custom survey, follow the same steps as your listing setup (above) or your Settings at the bottom of the navigation menu.

AS Setting Manage Surveys New Survey screenshot

From Settings, select Feedback Surveys and then choose Manage Surveys. Here you can create your custom feedback survey or edit previously created surveys. Create as many feedback surveys as you want by adding questions, either multiple choice or short answer and response types. Be sure to select Create when you are finished.

Create Survey screenshot

To learn more, check out the Aligned Showings information page.