Want to know more about Aligned Showings? You have come to the right place. You can find product details and FAQs below. As the launch of Aligned Showings approaches (launch date TBD), we will continue to add and update this page.


Aligned Showings is a modern, easy-to-use scheduling platform designed to meet the needs of the real estate industry, allowing agents to deliver exceptional service to their clients. With its intuitive interface, agents can quickly and easily manage showings and view important information at their fingertips.

Aligned Showings is more than a tool for scheduling showings. It is a showing service that puts communication first. The Message system is at the heart of Aligned Showings. All information about a showing is in one easy-to-find location, accessible from the web or mobile app.


Aligned Showings is designed by Metro MLS and our MLS Aligned partners to push the industry forward through quality and modern MLS-owned technology. We built our new showing and scheduling solution with agents and their clients in mind in hopes of helping them improve productivity and communication. The product also retains data control and allows us to provide transparency to our members.


Why are we changing to Aligned Showings?

We are changing to Aligned Showings because our current policy does not allow us to purchase products owned or managed by another MLS participant, and the ownership change with ShowingTime requires this decision. Also, Aligned Showings is owned by MLSs. Being a part of this ownership allows Metro MLS to shape and improve the system to meet the needs of our local market.

When will Aligned Showings be available?

We anticipate Aligned Showings being available later this year. By the time the product rolls out in Wisconsin, approximately 75,000 real estate professionals in five markets will have already used the product.

Will ShowingTime still be available?

ShowingTime will be available for a limited time, running alongside Aligned Showings. Eventually, Aligned Showings will be the only showing product offered as a free member benefit through the MLS.

What are the top Aligned Showings features?

  • Message system: It’s at the heart of Aligned Showings. All information about a showing is in one easy-to-find location, accessible from the web or mobile app.
  • Calendar: View showing appointments and details.
  • Scheduler: Schedule showings and view listing availability.
  • Routes: Schedule multiple showings and stops to optimize your route to appointments.
  • Alerts: Notifications in Aligned Showings and via email and text message.
  • Listing Setup: Customize showing preferences per listing. 

Is Aligned Showings easy to use?

Yes, we designed Aligned Showings with agents in mind. Our goal is for the product to be intuitive and enable you to deliver exceptional service to your clients. With Aligned Showings’ intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily manage showings and view important information at your fingertips.

Will Aligned Showings be integrated into Flexmls?

Yes, Aligned Showings will be fully integrated into Flexmls, just like our current showing product is right now. Once the product rolls out, you can access Aligned Showings on a listing’s Detail page in Flexmls and under the Flexmls Menu.

Is there an Aligned Showings app?

Yes, Metro MLS members will have free access to an Aligned Showings app for iOS and Android users. The functionality and workflow will be very similar to the desktop version, making it easy for anyone to use on the go.

There is currently not a client version of the Aligned Showings app.

Do I have to pay for Aligned Showings?

Aligned Showings will be a free member benefit offered by Metro MLS to all its members.

Is there Aligned Showings training?

Yes, you can sign up for an Aligned Showings in-person class at We will add additional training resources to our website as the launch date approaches.

We also are offering Aligned Showings trainings at brokerage offices to allow brokers, agents and assistants to see the product and learn its key features. Schedule an information session by filling out the form below or contacting Metro MLS at

Who will have access to Aligned Showings?

Aligned Showings will be available to all Metro MLS members, including brokers, agents and assistants.

Can I use multiple showing platforms for one listing?

No, a single property cannot allow showing appointments in both showing systems at the same time. As the listing agent, you must choose the preferred showing system in the listing details.

Will Aligned Showings have a concierge service?

More information to come. 

Want to Learn more? Schedule an information session!

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