Unlimited Broadcast Option, Protected Buyer Report & More! - METRO MLS Blog

You asked, and we delivered! Based on member feedback, we have launched numerous product updates in Aligned Showings, including the ability to send unlimited mass messages via the Broadcast feature and a protected buyer report.

Here is an overview of the key updates:

Unlimited Broadcast Messages

Allows the listing agent to message all agents who have shown the property at once. We will soon allow buyer agents to opt out of Broadcast messages for a specific listing.

You can send a Broadcast message by clicking on the Broadcast Icon located at the top of the listing card under My Listings.

Broadcast Message Image

Protected Buyers

Listing agents can require a buyer’s name when a showing is requested on a listing. They can then view a Buyer Report after the listing expires in My Listings.

You can require a buyer’s name by toggling on the Yes option in Listing Setup under the Showing Instructions for Showing Agent section. Note, a listing agent does not receive the names until a listing expires.

If a listing expires, a new Buyer Report button will appear in My Listings for the listing agent. When clicked on, a list of all buyer names and dates of showings is provided in a PDF format.

New Location for View Feedback

The View Feedback button is now available at the top of a listing card in My Listings, alongside the additional options listing agents have for a specific listing.