Adding a Listing Collection to Client's Portal - METRO MLS Blog

Do you want to add an already saved Listing Collection to your client’s portal? You can work on behalf of a client in Flexmls to view, change or add searches and Listing Collections in their portal.

To add an existing Listing Collection to a client’s portal, click on Listing Collections under the Flexmls Menu. Select the desired Listing Collection you want to add to your client’s portal. Then, click on Work on behalf of. You can click in the box for a list of clients or start typing out a client’s name. Add the client’s name and click OK. 

Work on behalf of button in Flexmls

Your client’s portal will appear. Click Save and then click Save All As. 

Save All As Option Flexmls

You will have to name the Listing Collection and then check the box that says, “Save Collection for (contact’s name).” Click Save once you finish.

Save Collection Flexmls

We recommend you verify that you added the Listing Collection to your client’s portal. In Contact Management, select your desired contact. Then click the Portal tab in your contact’s profileThe Listing Collection’s name will appear under Portal Listing Collections.