How to View Metro MLS Membership Production in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

Are you interested in looking up the production of another Metro MLS member? You can use Quick Search to create a report on a member’s production. Start on the Quick Search screen in Flexmls and change the search template to your desired categories. We selected All Categories for our example.

Change Search Template Option Flexmls

Next, change the status from Active to Sold. If you want to search by a specific time frame, click See All and Select Date Ranges and fill out your desired criteria. 

Active to Sold Status Flexmls

Then, to search by a particular member, click Add a Field. Type Listing/Selling Member into the field and select the option from the pop-out box.

Add selling member WI

In the Listing/Selling Member field, enter the member’s name and click Find. Then select the name from the list of members.

Member Search

After you have the criteria set, click CMA in the top right corner of the page. Then click Use All Results when the CMA Menu appears.  On the Create CMA page, click Statistical CMA. After you set the Statistical Average Field that you want to search, click Next Step. 

Select Statistical Type

Flexmls allows you to set the criteria for your Statistical CMA. Click View after you select your desired criteria. You also can email and download the CMA.