Error Report for Your Listing in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

To ensure the data is accurate, members can report listing errors if they notice a mistake in Flexmls. This beneficial service allows you to double-check your listing and correct an error if it is present. You can make changes before Metro MLS reviews the report and determines if a violation occurred.

After a member reports an error, Flexmls sends a confidential email to Metro MLS and the listing agent. If someone reports your listing, below is an example of the email you will receive directly from Flexmls. It will include the listing number and a description of the member’s reasoning for reporting your listing.

Listing Error Report Example Update

If you receive the above email and the report details a valid error, you can correct the mistake immediately in your listing. We also will review the report and make the corrections to the listing if necessary.

Self-Report a Listing Error

If you notice an error in your own listing, you can edit the listing or self-report the error to Metro MLS to avoid a sanction. If you notify us of an error before sending a violation notice, we will help you correct that mistake without assessing a penalty.