Aligned Showings: Listing Activity Report, Buyer Name & More! - METRO MLS Blog

We appreciate the feedback we’ve received on Aligned Showings and are excited to announce that we’ve rolled out over 20 updates this year!

Our latest product enhancements include a new Listing Activity Report, additional feedback reminder requests for showing agents and the buyer’s name becoming visible after a showing request is accepted.

Key Updates

1. Listing Activity Report – This report displays a summary of every approved showing appointment and any feedback submitted for the listing.

To view the report, select My Listings. Then select the Download Activity Report icon. Select whether to generate the report including all feedback or only feedback approved for a seller, then select Download.

Download Listing Activity


2. Decline and Preapprove Appointment – Gives listing agents the ability to change the time of a showing appointment to a new date/time and preapprove it.

In all areas where the Approve/Decline buttons exist, there are now three dots that display a Reschedule button when hovered over. When the listing agent reschedules an appointment, they can pick a new date and time, enter any showing instructions and select Preapprove. The appointment is approved and the showing agent can cancel or reschedule it if needed.

Decline and Preapprove Appointment


3. Max Feedback Requests – Listing agents can now set a maximum number of feedback requests to send out. Aligned Showings can send between two and six reminders after an appointment.

To set the number of feedback reminders, select My Listings. Then, select the listing, and in the Feedback Survey section, select the Send Feedback Reminder dropdown. Once the feedback survey is completed, the reminders are no longer sent out.

Feedback Survey Limit


4. Buyer Name Appears on the Listing Side  If your listing requires a buyer’s name, the buyer’s name will now appear on the listing side in the appointment messages thread and the right-side content section.


Buyer Name