Finding Estimated Square Footage, Acreage and Year Built - METRO MLS Blog

Trying to find the estimated square footage, acreage and year built for a property? No problem, just perform an address search in Tax Information or Monsoon. You can access your desired tax platform via the Flexmls Menu. Once you search the property’s address, the property’s tax information will appear.

Address Search Monsoon

Address Search Tax Information

If the desired information isn’t available in Tax Information or Monsoon, you can access the Assessor Source List in Tax Information. Do this by clicking the link at the bottom of the Tax Information Menu.

Assessor Source List

Third-party websites such as or can also provide you with this square footage, acreage and year built.

Furthermore, utilize a Quick Search in Flexmls to find the acreage. Select the red stick pin in the bottom right corner of the map in Quick Search.

Red Pin

Enter the address and click Locate. Then, select the blue circle with the white I from the map menu and click the property. A bubble will display the acreage if it is available.

Locate Address