Aligned Showings: New Reports, Notifications & More! - METRO MLS Blog

We are working hard to integrate your feedback, and we’re thrilled to announce Aligned Showings has rolled out many exciting updates! Among them is a brand-new report, enhanced notification options and default settings. Take a look at the details below.

Key Updates in Aligned Showings

1. Price Point Analysis Report – Filter by date and ZIP code(s) to view how many approved showings occurred for all listings in Aligned Showings. To create the easy-to-read report, select Price Point Analysis under the Reports tab.

2. Manually Enter Time of Showing – A pencil icon has been added to manually select the time of showing in addition to the drag and drop slider. Click Edit in the upper right corner on the Select Time page when scheduling a showing.

3. Default Time & Date Restrictions – Set specific time/date restrictions to automatically apply to new listings. This feature makes it quicker to set up listing preferences for new listings. The restrictions must still be entered for existing listings.

4. Broadcast Message Notifications – Agents can opt out of receiving broadcast messages from listing agents. In Messages, there’s a new toggle at the top of the screen. Disable this toggle to opt out of receiving broadcast messages for this listing.

5. New Notification Settings for Teams – A new role is available for team members in Office Involvement. Team members assigned this role will only receive showing notifications for approved and canceled appointments. They won’t receive initial appointment requests and declines.

To assign this role to a team member, go to My Listings, select Edit listing setup for the listing, and go to the Office Involvement section. In Notification Preferences, select Approvals and Cancellations Only for the team member.

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