Explore Flexmls Menu Items You May Not Know About! - METRO MLS Blog

In your regular use of Flexmls, you’re likely familiar with a set of features, but have you explored the less frequently utilized menu items that could offer valuable benefits? Take a look at this compilation of seldom-used features that can enhance your experience and benefit both you and your clients.

Market Areas

Within this feature, you have the capacity to save up to five Market Areas, simplifying the process of monitoring listings with recent changes. Furthermore, click on the specific type of listing change, or Event, to access more comprehensive details about each listing.

Screenshot example of the results of a Market Area in Flexmls.

Opt-In Status

Located under the Contacts section in your Menu, Opt-In Status provides an informative overview of the opt-in status for all your contacts. You can view a summary or detailed view of any contacts that may not be receiving emails from Flexmls.

Reverse Prospecting

Reverse Prospecting empowers both listing and selling agents to establish direct connections based on a property’s features and the interests of their clients. Listing Agents will want to run the report to see who matches, while a buyer’s agent will need to match their contacts to see who may be interested in a listing.


By clicking the Financial Calculators option in the Menu, you can utilize the Closing Cost Estimator (Net Sheet). This allows you to input financial details on the buyer’s and/or seller’s side, helping to calculate closing costs.

Screenshot sample of the Closing Cost Estimator in Flexmls


The Forms heading in the Menu allows you to generate blank forms, including input forms for any property type. To do so, simply select the property type you require an input form for, or choose the specific form name. Additional forms can be found on MetroMLS.com.