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When it comes to finding that perfect property for your client that is nestled by the water, Flexmls is swimming in possibilities! Whether your client has a specific type of water in mind or is open to exploring various options, the Water Features field in Flexmls provides an excellent avenue to discover their dream home.

Adding the Water Features Field

To search for Water Features, go to add a field, find Water Features, then add the category by selecting the checkbox. Once here, you can tailor the search by adding specific fields like River or Pond, based on your client’s preferences.

Water Features Screenshot

Please note, the Water Features field is an and/or/not function, which can make a significant difference in search results. An added layer of protection for your clients involves incorporating the flood zone overlay option. By doing so, you can filter out properties that may be at a higher risk of flood or water damage, providing your clients with peace of mind as they explore potential homes.

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