Flexmls Field Changes Coming March 8 - METRO MLS Blog

On March 8, you will see updated values for several existing fields in Flexmls. Metro MLS is making these changes to align our data fields with the RESO definitions and values.

View all the RESO changes in this downloadable PDF:


You do not need to take any action. The changes will automatically take effect in Flexmls.

Most Notable Changes

  1. Townhouse added under Type detail group in Single-Family and Condominium.
  2. Oven/Range split into three fields (Oven, Range and Cooktop) in Single-Family and Condominium.
  3. Roofing detail group removed from add/edit/search for Multifamily and Two-Family property types to match Single-Family and Condominium property types.
  4. Road Service detail group added, and the service road labels moved to the group.

What is RESO?

RESO stands for Real Estate Standards Organization. The RESO Data Dictionary ensures Metro MLS and any technology firm building agent tools are “speaking” the same language using standard data fields.

When these organizations have the same standard data fields, data integration is simplified, fewer errors, and less information is lost in translation. There is reduced confusion over the meanings of fields, and listing data is easily and accurately utilized within each facet of the real estate marketplace.