Flexmls To Add Street Suffix Field on 3/14/23 - METRO MLS Blog

Starting March 14, you will enter the street name and street suffix in separate fields when adding a listing in Flexmls. The new field will make data entry easier and will minimize the chance of incorrect listing information.


Previously, the Street Name field required the street name and suffix.


You’ll enter the street name portion of the property’s address in Street Name and select the abbreviation for the street suffix in the Street Suffix drop-down. The top 15 street suffixes will be at the top of the drop-down menu.

If the property’s address does not have a street suffix, you must select the single dash mark in the Street Suffix field drop-down menu.

Street Suffix Dash

Additionally, you will see a new Street Post Direction field in Flexmls on March 8. You should enter information into the field when an address contains a directional suffix after the street name.

Street Post Dir

These two changes will improve data accuracy in Flexmls. Last year, Metro MLS received 3,345 address errors.