Listing Collection vs. Saved Search in Flexmls - METRO MLS Blog

It might be hard to distinguish between a Listing Collection and a Saved Search in Flexmls. But it is important to know how the two vary so you can use them both efficiently and effectively.

A Listing Collection saves individual listings and allows you to collect a set of properties for your client. A Saved Search saves the criteria for a search and adds properties automatically. Below is a breakdown of a Listing Collection versus a Saved Search.

Static: Properties added and removed by the creator of the Listing Collection. Dynamic: The Saved Search updates automatically anytime a property fitting the set criteria appears on Flexmls.
Custom Criteria: Can add any properties to the Listing Collection regardless of criteria. Set Criteria: You can only use one set of criteria for the saved search.
Manual: Add and remove properties at any time, regardless of your search criteria. Automatic: Properties fitting the search criteria are added to the list automatically. You can’t manually add properties to a Saved Search.

Creating a Listing Collection

Start with a Quick Search of listings. Select all the listings from your list that you would like in your listing collection using the checkbox in list view. Click Save at the top right corner of your screen and select Save Selected As. After you name your Listing Collection, click Save. 

Save Selected As Flexmls

You can add listings to the Listing Collection, rename it or delete it at any time. To find your new Listing Collection, click on the Menu and select Listing Collections under the Search category. A benefit of creating Listing Collections is that the properties you save will always remain in your Listing Collection regardless of status. You also can email and print Listing Collections.