New Showing Feedback Features in Aligned Showings - METRO MLS Blog

Aligned Showings has several new features live in the system based on feedback we received from members. The biggest addition is the introduction of advanced showing feedback features aimed at elevating your experience and providing even more valuable insights.

Here is an overview of the key updates:

1. View Feedback in My Listings: Streamlined way to access all submitted surveys in one centralized location.

2. Seller/Tenant Feedback Options: Agents can provide clients access to all feedback surveys or only approved feedback surveys.

3. Enable Feedback Analysis: Machine learning analyzes the feedback and provides insights into comments, which allows you to view feedback more efficiently.

View Feedback in My Listings

A new View Feedback button appears in My Listings on the listing card if a listing has submitted surveys. Click on the button to view all submitted feedback in one convenient spot.

View Feedback Aligned Showings

When an agent is viewing surveys, they can approve each one for their client’s viewing. The default is set as No. If the Seller/Tenant is set to view all feedback, they will automatically receive the surveys as they are completed. Make sure to toggle the Approved For Seller/Tenant Viewing button based on your preference.

Seller/Tenant Feedback Options

A new set of options is available under Seller/Tenant Involvement in the listing setup. The agent can set them to view feedback, as the default is No, and then indicate if they can view all feedback or only surveys approved by the agent.

When a Seller/Tenant is set up to view feedback, a new Can View Feedback button appears on their webpage. The client can then page through the surveys at their convenience.

Enable Feedback Analysis

Agents can enable feedback analysis on surveys through ChatGPT, which provides analysis on whether the responses are positive or negative. To enable the function, agents must toggle the button next to Show Feedback Analysis? to Yes under the Feedback Survey section in the listing setup.