Setting Up Your Listing Preferences in Aligned Showings - METRO MLS Blog

Once you select Aligned Showings in Flexmls in the Showing Service field, which is located on the Details tab when adding/editing a listing, you can set up your showing preferences for each listing in Aligned Showings.

To edit the showing preferences for your listing, click Aligned Showings while editing your listing in Flexmls, or while in Aligned Showings select My Listings.

Within the first section, Showing Instructions for Showing Agent, you can adjust the main showing details, such as allowing overlapping appointments, choosing what approvals are required, including lockbox information, additional instructions or any advanced notice.

Modified screenshot of the showing instructions for showing agent preferences.

In the second section, Office Involvement allows you to add other members in your office to your listing to communicate with showing agents and approve appointment requests.

In Section 3, Seller/Tenant Involvement (optional) lets you add a seller or tenant to your listing. They can also approve showing requests, be notified of showings or be included just for organizational purposes via text message or email.

Within Section 4 Time/Date Restrictions (optional), you can block off any dates or times that may be unavailable for a showing. Consult Metro MLS policy to ensure status compliance.

Screenshot of the Time/Date Restrictions section of Listing Setup


Lastly, the fifth section Feedback Survey (optional) allows you to send follow-up surveys to agents after they have shown your listing. You can use the pre-determined questions provided by Aligned Showings, or you can send your own questions in a custom Survey.

Have more questions? Learn more about Aligned Showings here.