ShowingTime Integration in Flexmls Ending April 8, 2024 - METRO MLS Blog

Metro MLS will discontinue the integration of ShowingTime into Flexmls effective Monday, April 8, 2024. Previously, we communicated April 5 as the end date. To better support you, we moved the date to Monday so you have more time to update listings and reschedule appointments already scheduled on or after April 8.

Aligned Showings is integrated into Flexmls and available for your use. To help with this transition, check out our seven training classesmultiple open labs and FAQs.

Steps to Navigating the Change

1. Update listings set to ShowingTime to your preferred showing service (Aligned Showings, None or Other) before April 8.
2. Reschedule showings set to ShowingTime to your preferred showing service before April 8.
3. Update showing instructions to ensure accuracy.


We are listening to your feedback and assure you that we are diligently incorporating your suggestions. Here is a list of recently implemented features and a preview of key additions coming before April 8:


The decision not to continue the ShowingTime integration is partly based on the acquisition of ShowingTime by Zillow, a member broker and MLS participant, which conflicts with Metro MLS policies.

We have communicated to members over the last year about Aligned Showings, including the previous month about this integration change.

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