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Media in Flexmls encompasses a variety of elements, primarily featuring photographs, videos and virtual tours. Adding photos to Flexmls is pretty simple, while adding videos and virtual tours requires a bit more know-how. Let’s learn!

To add media, go to Menu, click on Change Listing, find Media, then click on Videos and Virtual Tours. In this area, there are separate sections for Video and Virtual Tours.

Media in Flexmls Videos and Virtual Tours screenshot

Adding a Video

Entering an embed code is a way to ensure that videos play on third-party websites. However, if you enter a URL for a video, Flexmls will attempt to generate a valid embed code for you.

Media in Flexmls Videos and Virtual Tours screenshot 2

What is an embed code?

An embed code is a short line of text that you can copy and paste from one website to another in HTML coding language. An embed code usually starts with “<iframe” and includes additional information, such as the width and height of the content being added.

How do I generate an embed code?

Creating an embed code requires locating the option to share or embed the content on the hosting platform, like Vimeo or YouTube. Most video hosting sites allow you to copy embed code when you choose the Share option for a video. The link from the hosted virtual tour is copied into the listing. Typically, within the “Share” button.

virtual tour from youtube screenshot

About Data Integrity

An important reminder from Data Integrity: Virtual tours must show imagery based on the property listed in service. Virtual tours may be branded with listing company name and logo and/or listing agent name. However, no other branding or contact information will be allowed on the virtual tour listed in MLS.

Users can upload branded or unbranded content. If you upload branded content, you will need to select the checkbox.