Using Water Features & the Flood Zones Overlay - METRO MLS Blog

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides a comprehensive 20-page document that outlines waterfront property definitions and offers guidance on “Choosing the Right Waterfront Property.” Judging by this document, living by the water, no matter the type, is important to buyers. Let’s go over two features in Flexmls that you can utilize to assist your client in finding a waterfront property.

Adding Water Features

When your client expresses a strong preference for a waterfront property, Flexmls offers various options to accommodate their needs. To include water features in your search, select Add a Field, locate Water Features, then incorporate it into your search template.

Add water features screenshot

There are 11 different types of water features to choose from. Remember, they are and/or/not functions.

Utilizing the Flood Zones Overlay

Suppose your client wants to live next to a lake or river but is concerned about potential flooding. To address these concerns, when searching with Water Features, incorporate an additional layer by utilizing the Flood Zones Overlay. On the map, click Overlays and select Flood Zones.

overlays flood zones screenshot

The Flood Zones overlay is color-coordinated and accompanied by a Map Layer Legend, allowing you to visualize potential flood areas.

Map Layer Legend screenshot

The Flood Zones overlay illustrates the flood zone areas determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). For instance, if you’re exploring properties around Muskego Lake, the overlay can illustrate the potential flood-prone areas in proximity to the lake.

Muskego Lake Flood Zone Overlay screenshot

By utilizing these features in Flexmls, you can assist your client in finding a waterfront property that meets their preferences while addressing any concerns they may have regarding flooding or other related factors.