Aligned Showings Now Available for Members - METRO MLS Blog

Beginning today, new listings entered into Flexmls will default to Aligned Showings as the showing service. Current listings’ showing settings have not changed, and no change is needed. However, you can switch current listings to Aligned Showings.


How to Access Aligned Showings?

Below are three ways to access Aligned Showings. Note, the first time you log in, you will be promoted to agree to multiple Terms & Conditions agreements.

1. From the Flexmls Detail tab

2. From the Flexmls Menu under Products


What is Aligned Showings?

Aligned Showings is a modern, user-friendly product with a robust messaging component that streamlines the showing process for real estate professionals and their clients. It is owned by Metro MLS and other MLS organizations around the country.

Aligned Showings will eventually replace ShowingTime as the sole showing platform offered as a member benefit by Metro MLS.


Switching Existing Listings to Aligned Showings

You can change current listings set to ShowingTime over to Aligned Showings in the Change Listing screen by updating the Showing Service field.

If you want to set up Routes or view listings in a particular showing platform, you can use the Showing Service View in the list of search results in Flexmls. You can set your listing results View in the top right corner.

For additional information and frequently asked questions regarding Aligned Showings, please visit our dedicated information page.